Posted by: annpeace | November 13, 2008

the polyglot, blabberhand, and addict

Here I go again… when I lose focus, I write just anything… this is what I used to feel when I would be in a boring class, so I end up flopping.

I think I just survived a crisis. I do not exactly know how or why or I am not very sure yet if I had really survived it but this week is much better than the past week of numbness, grayness, and so-so-ness. Maybe I did need that space and silence. Maybe I did need the distance.  Or maybe I did need my freedom.  Or I needed the tantrums.  Thank God for I am making it through.  All I know now is that I appreciate the sunshine, I so like the wind, I would die for the rain, and I love my family and friends! I still miss FORWARD and the beloved staff (yeah yeah, beloved) but I don’t really mind admitting to miss them (darn, why should anybody want to deny attachment with important people…oh well, so long as it is not too much and so long as you maintain self-control…right, and like that is possible).   There is time for everything even in moving on, and as of now I will savor the moment that the time has not come.  See you soon boys and girls…we’re getting together soon, k?  And I am not ready for something else yet.  I’m good, I’m well, I’m happy just like this for now. Bubbly!!!

Pasenya na kay nagyawyaw na pud si Anna Lyn.  Perhaps it is a result of this speaking deprivation by the circumstance.  Can’t help it…my being a blabbermouth and a “blabberhand” is getting chronic.  Should I be calling Doc now or I just forgot to take my meds again, what happened? (uuuy, reminiscing an old joke, in-joke, that is)

I’m spitting fire again, could not afford the anti flu vaccine yet and no more university clinic (suki!).  URTI, is it you na naman?


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