Posted by: annpeace | November 26, 2008

Reality Talks Again


I am now in the real world.  I have heard a lot of ill things about it, but so far, nothing has surprised me big time.  Well, I had seen harsh realities since then, since I was young, since I was a student, reality is just too familiar.


For some reason, I was reminded of Mr. Manuel L. Quezon III’s advice: “Don’t be naïve”, so for the youth not to lose their idealism when they get to the real world and find out how cruel it could be.  Or even make that so for us not to be swayed easily by the offer of other beliefs, principles, or people that say they can lead us to the so called truth.  Or to be open to the offer of other beliefs, principles, or people that say they hold the truth.



I would like to think I had not been naïve that is why reality does not seem to shock me anymore.  Besides, more than seeing it, I had close encounters with it …whether the reality behind a Church, or behind a school, behind a professional, behind a respected leader, behind a politician, behind a great writer… Then again, I just stumbled upon parts of the reality; the entirety of it is too big.  And a big lie in itself too…


I said it before, truth and lies are becoming synonymous (that, if they had not exchanged meaning, any updates about it from Mr. Webster?).



Or just blame it on where I am now that the reality that I see is not as shocking as what people used to tell me.  Perhaps where I am now is too enclosed or isolated that is why, I still seem to be in a virtual place as well.  But not really…I mean, I may be in one place but I am so exposed to some big bad realities and lies too.



“Truly, this is a magic-realist country. You can’t believe half of the things that happen here.” – Conrado de Quiros.


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