Posted by: annpeace | December 8, 2008

Who has the right to be talented?

I ask this because I am not rich so I could not practice photography or underwater photography or painting or ballet or gymnastics or F1 racing or sculpting or piano playing, or…

Even with something as cheap as “wr*ti*g my mom would already complain for it does not give me a “bright” future and I might even spend the only penny that I have to buy a pen (as I have lots of scratch papers at home anyway) to keep up with the vice. She can be right, because a bright future means being stable financially (of course, not emotionally. Hehehe…).

If I want to pursue a passion, that means I am done with all the essentials, I’ve done all I am supposed to do because I am supposed to not to have the nerve to leave my family behind to rot in poverty (alright, that’s exaggeration, OA ra…). Many say poverty is not a hindrance to success, well, maybe…it can be true…but it also boils down to what success means in a person.

So, I’d rather remain in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of success and my all-time favorite, “to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” And since I am through with that and it is still ongoing, I can have the nerve to pursue a passion. I would not have to be sorry, would I?  What else do I deserve anyway…

But according to Mr. Baldo Tomarong: “ In the end, the taho vendor is a lot more talented in the ultimate art of having to survive against all odds.”


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