Posted by: annpeace | December 9, 2008

Is it Eye Strain, Anemia, or just my imagination?

Is it eyestrain, anemia, or just my imagination?

Headaches and dizziness have been frequent for the past days and I find it difficult to last long hours in front of the computer. And since it is basically my job to be in front of the PC, I would have to withstand the difficulty.

Thinking it could be eyestrain, I blink my eyes and yawn every now and then at work so tears come out from my eyes so they get moisturized. I also changed the desktop image into plain moss green background so that it would not be too glaring. Once in a while, I also massage my face to stretch my skin and the surroundings of my eyes. I don’t know if that does something good but it somehow relieves me from the stressful fight against drowsiness or dizziness at work.

Because this kinda freaks me out, I am starting to develop a habit of putting tea bags on my eyes when I get to sleep. Found that suggestion from the internet, said to minimize eyebags or was it eye puff?

On second thought, I am wondering whether this could be anemia. As a child, my mother often told me I was anemic and I have thought I am such since then. IT is because I am often pale and weak. If it were iron-deficiency anemia, one solution would be ferrous sulfate supplement. If it were otherwise, I don’t anymore know.

Hmmm…I know I should see a doctor soon though. I would not want to stress myself out thinking I’m dying or what just because I am experiencing some ordinary symptoms of whatever. For all I know, this is all just coming from my imagination or laziness from getting to work. Haha!



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