Posted by: annpeace | December 9, 2008

The Age of the Avant Garde

(The Prequel to the Blog Who has the right to be Talented?)

“…Instant gratification we get from digital cameras,” so I heard from Daphne Oseña-Paez on Urban Zone when the show featured “Lomography”.

Lomography is photography that uses Lomo LC-A (analog) camera.Usually, outputs come blurry, oversaturated in colors or as they call it “happy accidents”.The context of what Daphne said is contrasting the quality of shots the Lomo Camera produces with the, well, digital cameras.And these weaknesses of the Lomos become their strong points eventually.

But I am not really to talk about Lomography although it kind of interested me. For this blog, it simply brought me back to the realization that in this new age, everybody is an expert at many things.Emelito Empuerto Torres calls it democracy and falls it under postmodernism (which he seems to describe almost anything nowadays).Everybody is an ingenious painter, a brilliant writer, a talented guitarist, a good leader, an inventive graphic artist, an active volunteer, an outstanding filmmaker, a gifted photographer, a fluent speaker.Which is actually a good thing…it is good to know that people get busy with more sensible things than drugs.Although there are still a lot too who are good drinkers and just being that…and haha, good braggarts too.

So what do these imply? More resources are available? Could be.We are now freer to make choices?Maybe that’s why ET calls it democracy.People are getting more bored? Ummm…perhaps. Or simply things are supposed to get better through time…that should be a natural phenomenon. Or maybe not really…look at renaissance. 🙂

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