Posted by: annpeace | December 10, 2008

Soft Gels are not Hoi Poi Capsules

Soft gel capsules are rather cute that is why, they get me so fascinated. Nope, I am not addicted though I act like an addict sometimes (as my friends would say). But their cuteness (the capsules’, not my friends’) lessens the fear of taking them… Their cuteness lessens the weight of the fact that you are not well enough to keep you living, or to keep you living well so you need the assistance of meds. Soft gels don’t look as “medicine” as the others, taking them doesn’t make you feel sicker.

I don’t really know, coz every time I see soft gel capsules, I squeeze them not take them. Provided, of course, that Mama’s not looking and the gel is not as expensive as P95 per pill. Waaah, that costs more than a whole meal plus dessert (as far as my standards are concerned)…and Ma’s hysteria. With such price, it does not explode into a house or a plane, does it?

To those who do not know: A Hoi Poi capsule was invented by Dr. Briefs, Bulma’s father. Yeah yeah, the capsules that can keep houses and stuff in Dragon Ball Z. Hehehe… I hate it when I’d have to explain the joke.

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