Posted by: annpeace | December 13, 2008

TH Cebuana Feeling Englisera (Part II)

The most challenging in writing for Cebu is writing in Cebuano. Quite paradoxical especially for a lumad (native). Learning the language is just one challenge, finding an avenue where to learn it is even tougher — plus the ongoing debates about which should be used today, contemporary/conversational or the “archaic” Sinibuwano.

In my countless attempts in composing something Cebuano, I never really sounded very true. It always had the ‘trying hard’ sound or feel of it. And at first, it often discouraged me…I was not getting any better than pretentious sounding.

But I came to think that it is just a part of the process… It is a stage to surpass because if I stop, how am I supposed to level up from being pretentious or trying hard? So, I let the awkwardness of the write-ups guide me to do the Sinugboanon writing better in the long run.

Part I was written a year ago here.

Cebuano attempts under Ang Mga Sinibuwanong Sinulat page.

If you happen to know where I could find more resources about Cebuano writing, books, magazines, etc. Do let me know… Thanks for dropping by.



  1. I think there is a Cebuano class/lessons in CNU…

  2. oh good for CNU! in our school, there is a course Cebuano journalism, so, it is specifically for journalism degree programs.

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