Posted by: annpeace | December 29, 2008

Of Silence, Stupidity, and ChaCha

So that explains the silence in the streets? Okay, that’s actually a no-brainer.

“Activists” had been furious about people becoming passive despite how scandalous the government gets through time while even the non-activists notice the unusual silence of enraged people. That, De Quiros himself wrote in his column why the citizens are so angry about small-time snatchers but remain laid back with thiefs in tuxedos or Barong Tagalog.

Silence is often very apparent among the Cebuanos, a concrete example of which is when ZTE Scandal Star Witness Jun Lozada paid a visit in the city. His first destination was the University of San Carlos gym and it came as a surprise that the venue was not even half full. I mean, considering the reception of students or professionals in Manila every time Lozada did his touring, the Cebu welcome was actually a shock despite of it being quite expected after all. Mr. Raymund Fernandez of University of the Philippines Visayas called it a high sense of complacency among Cebuanos.


But according to the 2008 Upload aired in ABS-CBN last night, people now choose to blog their sentiments – may it be through articles, photos, and videos – or engage in debates through the website forums. Quite making sense because I, for example, an introvert, would never choose to be on the street to express a stand. But that was even before I was still nosebleeding about, say what, blogging? I believe, those who want to be in the street would still go out in the streets if they feel the need so. But does that mean they don’t feel the need yet? Or is it true that all the wise and intelligent people have gone abroad and what are left in this country is the stupid?

True, the President today has been very discreet of her doings. That is maybe because she doesn’t look stupid or dumb. It is not as easy to “dethrone” her the way it was with Erap (not that it was literally easy, alright). We can just imagine how many scandals she had survived – from the very obvious Hello Garci tape and all we got was sorry and Filipinos were forgiving enough, to the fertilizer scam, and the ZTE which probably was the most noisy but eventually went on with its expected, almost unnoticeable, death… the list could go on especially with Charter Change dawning.

There is this interesting video entitled Juana Change – ChaCha by the Convergence Team that I have watched. I searched for this after seeing it on Upload 2008. I do hope you pay attention to this video. According to the team, Juana is the female version of Juan dela Cruz but it could also mean Juana which is wanna or want to change at the same time it could be Juana as in wala na, wa na, or no more change.

A part of the video speak these lines: Ang lakas ng loob mo ha.. hoy tapos na ang rebolusyon, tapos na ang mga protesta nyo. Ang mga taong bayan ngayon mga tanga. Ang mga magagaling nagsipagabroad na. Ang mga mga natitira dito, yung mga walang magawang sumasali na lang sa Wowowee, tumataya sa lotto, o naghihintay ng remmitance abroad.

A special feature about Convergence Team here.


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