Posted by: annpeace | January 4, 2009

Sinulog Festival 2009, blogs, and media

photo by phillip c. dacera from

photo by phillip c. dacera from

Have not been out to Cebu City for the past weeks especially that my workplace is just in the neighboring city.  Because of this, I feel I would be left out from the Sinulog Festival 2009 craze…

Alright, it is actually an understatement to say the Sinulog is a craze because it should not be as such.

Anyway, being not in a university in the Queen City of the South does make a lot of difference in times like these… Because unlike then, I could still participate at least one day in the Sinulog Novena (that will start on January 8 for this year and usually our part would be the Wednesday that falls in the 9-day Mass).  Or those times when I had MassCom friends who would allow me entry to the Cebu Pop Music Festival.  I bet the feel of festivities is already apparent in the city roads and the city air itself.

But nah, this is the computer age so I know I would not entirely feel the loss.  I mean, there are sites like (where I got the Sinulog Festival 2009 schedule), (Where I enjoy the festival song that makes me nostalgic), (Where I found out about Miss Cebu 2009 and got to vote too), from personal acquaintances or online buddies (slash researcher like Clado of Dahong Laya.. wahehehe) and even blogs like My Cebu photo blog (which also keeps me updated about Cebu happenings) in WordPress among others, and from the media itself of course – the likes of Sun.Star and Cebu Daily News.  Speaking of blogs, this is also an age of blogging and bloggers who are like extension to the media, so there is almost no way that anybody could be left out.

And since there could be a flood of blogs and info/facts/news that go almost interchangeably, it is up to the reader which he/she chooses to read that he/she thinks to be the reliable source.

Whew!  As for me… I have lots of sources.  So, maybe, with fingers crossed and a short prayer to the Sto. Niño de Cebu, I can have reliable ones to find the latest and real buzz about the Sinulog Festival 2009.  So far, what I’ve got are the pageant Miss Cebu 2009, Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast Off, and (not sure on this) fireworks display competition. Plus, the 29th Cebu Popular Music Festival or Cebu Pop 2009 (click here for the contenders) on January 16 at the Cebu Coliseum. Hmmm…

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