Posted by: annpeace | January 5, 2009

Typical Cebuano Sunday

Sundays in Cebu gives a different feel, it gives a weird and lazy atmosphere. Cebuano Sunday is a rest day, a family day, a Church day. And you know it is Sunday when you wake in the mornings with “standard” songs (Matt Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdinck, and those I don’t anymore know) and Visayan and Cebuano songs resounding through the walls of your bedroom. Provided that you live in an ordinary neighborhood.

The following medley of songs are just few of unforgettable and undying Visayan songs and Cebuano songs.  Some of them I don’t know but my mother sings them well though that is why I got to be familiar with a few of them (actually, however, songs of Max Surban or Yoyoy Villame are the ones usually aired).  Since these are the very old songs, they are not very much heard over the radio anymore but remain to be known.  If you are a Cebuano, listening to this would make you feel like Sunday.  I encourage you to view related videos too especially the ASAP tribute to Yoyoy Villame featuring Cebu’s pride Dulce, Anna Fegi, and Sheryn Regis (after Sheryn’s medley video)! 😀



  1. i thankful, to all singer on cbs abs,singers,it mean a lot to me,it remind me,when i was a little boy,and walk 1 hour from home to school,sunny or rainy, oh before i go i want to say hillo,barbara tero my first grade teacher in maregondon elementary school,and to all my classmate, and also to baba family,enreque,william,and estrella.

  2. that’s really good to know sir! i hear the songs once in a while and when i pay attention to them, i get addicted with the lyrics. visayan songwriters then were very good. i wish to write a good cebuano song someday too.

  3. pagsuwat na!

    reply: ummmm…

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