Posted by: annpeace | January 8, 2009

Activism becoming literal, ironic, funny, and a news program?

Thanks to Ramon Bautista’s phenomenal [mock] news program, the Weakend News on TV5 (Ch. 21 in Cebu) for that.  I’ve never seen a show as straight forward yet ironic, as blunt, clear, and fearless.  Most importantly, they talk about what is relevant and they talk to people, the Filipino people about it – the most comprehensive and pangmasa way.  Whether it was about Charter Change (ChaCha), Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, or about the missing (was it a) gun (?) of Andres Bonifacio’s monument in Manila.

True, the Weakend News is a breakthrough on Philippine TV.  Though it may not be very pleasing to the close-minded…the news program is rather radical and rare of its kind especially in the Philippine television environment.

One thing though – the Weakend News is the vainest news program I’ve ever seen too… And I didn’t say funny? Man, it’s a natural!!! The witty remarks and (un)obvious insults plus with Mommy Elvie on the show (Ariel’s mom, Ariel as in Ariel and Maverick) …they can make you laugh the anger out.

“The Weakend News – the first and only ‘weekend’ news program tuwing Lunes.  Delivering this week’s news…today.”

Here’s another one, “I am Ramon Bautista, defender of the Filipino people from the elite…”

To end his report about Cha Cha (Masang Pinoy Dedma, Zero IQ sa Cha Cha) he said, “Tanga ba ang mga Pilipino o sadyang kulang ang nutribun at iodized salt upang bigyan sila ng sapat na IQ upang maunawaan ang mga isyu? Pwes, ako po si Ramon Bautista, ako ang inyong lingkod.  Ako na lang ang po magpapaliwanag sa inyo ng mga isyung hindi niyo maintindihan.” Way to go! You could only look forward to what you will learn from this show next.

From Nani Naguit’s report I am Bayani 2008, “Ang pagiging bayani pala ay mayroong malalim na pinag-ugatan – mula sa salitang bayan nabuo ang salitang bayani. Kaya nga pag tiningnan nating, Bayan at I meaning ako, bayan-i bayani.  Una muna lagi ang bayan, yun ang pinkakonsepto ng pagiging isang bayani.”

The Weakend News airs every Monday at 11:30 pm.

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  1. marami na akong naririnig na magagandang feedback sa show na ito pero wala pa akong nakukuhang pagkakataon para mapanaood. Nasa trabaho kasi ako sa mga panahong umiere ito.

    Anyways, base sa review mo, promissing yung show. may twist na rin ang Philippine news.

  2. nawala na pala yung show na un, sayang.

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