Posted by: annpeace | January 15, 2009

29th Cebu Popular Music Festival

So you think Cebuano songwriters are endangered? Oh well, you may be right…or maybe they are just waiting for the Cebu Pop! Presenting the twelve new Cebuano songs which are competing for the 29th Cebu Popular Music Festival:

  • Ang Tambag ni Nanay
  • KKK
  • Tsambang Musikero
  • Sa Ngalan sa Nasud
  • Tim-os Kong Gugma
  • Bugtawon Ang kagahapon
  • Kami ang Kabataan
  • Sulti Pa Ka
  • Tinuhoang Buktot
  • Pungko Pungko
  • Bulawanong Tambag
  • Asa Paingon.

Cebu Pop is one event in Sinulog Festival that I look forward to. Why? Makamingaw ang mga Binisayang awit. I kind of miss the old Visayan songs – the sincere, the sensible, the funny, witty, and street smart, the ever balaknon (poetic). Because though there are now people and some part of my generation supporting and making music in the native tongue, most quality of the songs made are yet as dying as the language itself (according to Mam Maria, however, people are now more aware of that…so, I’d take that as a good news? while budding songwriters take that as a challenge).

By the way, I found an interesting (and quite old) read about a “controversy” of Tagalog Songs as originally Cebuano or Visayan (including Ang Pasko ay Sumapit and Kasadya). I suggest you take time to read it, it took my drowsiness at work away and will made me really proud too…: or

So, may the Sto. Niño bless the contenders of the 29th Cebu Popular Music Festival. The competition is held on January 16, 2009 at 8PM at the Cebu Coliseum. Since I am sure I could not watch this live, I’ll be watching the replays on CCTN 47. 😀

Source: Open Notes by Clint Holton Potestas, SunStar Weekend

An old winning entry… Kausa Nabasa ang Tubig. Beautiful lyrics.


  1. Hi Annpeace,

    im a big fan of cebuano music, even before cebu pop festival was first aired. im just wondering where can i find a library of all those cebuano music even way before yoyoy and max time. like pilita corales’ time…and all the other songs during that time frame.

    hoping you could send me a link.

    thanks and more power.

    • you may try Cebuano Studies Center at the University of San Carlos.

  2. sir.please tell me who was the compuser “MUSIKANG BINISAYA’

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