Posted by: annpeace | January 22, 2009

The Filipino Name

In my browsing about Philippines and some stuff about Filipinos (particularly Filipino swords and weapons again) I have encountered a rather amusing term addressed to a Filipino. Ummm…no offense meant though, not that it’s at all funny but it makes me smile nevertheless. Some people actually call natives from the Philippines Philippians. There are also some who spell the word Filipino as Philippino (my Taiwanese friends are few of them). If Brazil is to Brazilians, America is to Americans, then Philippines is to Philippians. It’s like saying people from Samar are Samaritans…That’s nice…

Now… talking about Filipino.  Here is a historical place in the Philippines: Luneta Park or Rizal Park.  Formerly called the Bagumbayan (derived from bagong bayan which literally means “new town”), this is where the Philippine National Hero, Dr.  Jose Rizal, was executed on December 30, 1896.imgp1191



  1. nice group pix! but it’s like the alindahaw is coming 🙂 (ann, nganong ningtago man ka sa likod? —> naka-pink?)

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