Posted by: annpeace | January 24, 2009

Bad News for Weakend News?

I’ve read a very sad news yesterday in the blog entitled “Why do we strive for excellence when mediocrity is required?” said to be written by Ramon Bautista’s friend.

The WEAKEND News, ang only “weekend news” tuwing Lunes anchored by Mr. Bautista and aired on TV 5 had been cut before it could reach its 13th episode. I still don’t know the entire story and I don’t think the real score would be made clear really. But it’s quite obvious why, especially if you had been watching the WEAKEND News every time it would air every Monday night.

Well, I even feared it could go worse than that then. As I said in a past post,  it was one of the most fearless show I’ve ever watched. The irony that they often used was making their message blunt anyway. It is sad because I see the show as very educational and helpful. Perhaps it went too far especially for the guilty. And with the 2010 elections fast approaching, any one who is running for a position could not afford to risk that a show such as the WEAKEND News could be left airing.

But the whole situation also proves one thing – the program had an impact, it had an effect. And with that, I could say that somehow, the people behind it did not waste their efforts and the show was worthwhile.

I hate to say it. This is the Philippines.

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