Posted by: annpeace | January 30, 2009

Napping is Good for me, Boss

In fighting over drowsiness at work (it is very conducive, I tell you). I searched for an article over the net that might entertain me, at the same time, educate me in some way. So I keyed in, “getting sleepy at work” to solve my usual sleepiness problem in the middle of the day. I thought it wasn’t normal that I almost drowned in self-pity for getting “lazy” in the afternoon.

It turns out that I am not alone after all. According to, studies show that people get naturally drowsy eight hours after waking even with a good night’s sleep. That made sense! I wake up at about 6 or 6:30 am and I could almost pass out when it’s almost 3:00 pm.

Still in the same article I found out that napping for about 20 minutes in the afternoon refreshes a person and makes him/her more alert! This means that our parents did not just want us to grow tall when they forced us to sleep when we were kids, although I doubt they really knew the reason behind it…and that even the older people need those forty winks in the afternoon. There are also researches which state that taking midday naps may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Some companies (in America as far as I know) do have a napping area. At this point of reading I could almost cry in envy especially that at that very moment I badly wanted to fly to dream land for at least a few minutes without getting a nice faked cough from the boss (that never happened in my case though) and without feeling guilty at that.

Some companies that do not seem to like the idea of letting employees sleep, instead give workers unlimited access to fresh fruits for more energy (yum!). But I think I would choose the nap anyway.

Forcing to be awake at 2-3 PM does not make me any more productive. While the management does not see my problem as a problem of the entire company, my solution is often to read something online, anything that do not speak of swords, coins, etc. – the opinion section of a local daily and a few articles about Cebu (just about anything), good reads about health, real jokes – and/or to write something about what I have read and post it as a new blog entry hoping that it could help some other people out. That’s making my self productive in the middle of being unproductive, I wish.

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