Posted by: annpeace | February 1, 2009

SineBuano’s New Year

SineBuano in the past, present, and the future – this was a part of the Creative Director’s introductory speech in our meeting today. So, he did say a few things about the group – SineBuano is a group of independent filmmakers in Cebu. If I would have to say – “a group of both budding/aspiring (and other synonyms) and experienced filmmakers.” Just by its name, we could say what the group is about. Sine comes from the word cinema and –Buano is derived from Cebuano (which refers to the people and the language of Cebu). Trivia: In the dialect, Cebuano is actually Sinibuwano or Sinugbuanon.

The group had produced films – a few of them were sent to local and international film contests or film festivals. Due to other priorities, difficulty in arranging schedules, and other concerns, SineBuano decided to “take a break” in 2007.

Not long after, the group was going to be back in track. In 2008, announcement/invitation for new members was posted on On May 18, 2008, the first meeting of would-be members was held.  Eventually, there were more meetings, new projects planned, some other projects made, there was a lot of fun, a lot of lessons learned as well (especially for me who did not know anything about filmmaking). It was an awesome experience of discovering totally new things and meeting people who had much knowledge and definitely have more idea of what they were getting their selves into. Despite the fact that it was a new social endeavor that I would probably not get comfortable with, I knew I had to keep up anyway for reasons that may sound dramatic so I choose to stay mum.

"Maria" Shoot last November

"Maria" Shoot last November

I see as the past year to be experimental and impulsive. And with limited (almost) everything including members, true, getting things to be done well could be difficult. The possible difficulty and the probable problems were after all not an isolated perception.

On that note, SineBuano was going to get more serious for this year and we start off with having committed people, more people at that in the crew department since, as Dens would put it, we are not short with talented actors.

Calling New Members

We had a meeting today with newly invited people. We were a good number and we expect (more than hope) that it will be as good next meeting. According to the Creative Director, it is going to be class meetings for the first six months of the year and we will be covering film appreciation, screen writing, basics in film editing, etc. We’d be taking our time this time for more quality work.

As emphasized in the meeting, there will be strong communication, particularly via e-mail, so absence for a few meetings will not be huge problem.  That does not discount the importance of attendance though. Attendance is important not only because every meeting is going to be full of learning (yey!) but also because it keeps the interest up, keeps the fire burning, and keeps the temptation of mediocrity as a member away. Just my thought though.

Then again, while attendance is an advantage, SineBuano would not want to be too hard on the members, new and old alike. The group understands members have other priorities, it is a matter of compromising and meeting half-way for the common good.

New members and other people who are interested out there are very welcome.

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