Posted by: annpeace | February 20, 2009

Just Read My Tongue

Have you ever wondered? Sometimes, we feel like a master of something, but when we are asked about it, we seem to forget the answer and most of the time, the answer seems to be hanging just by the tip of our tongue. Or we just say so.

I have a new task of translating a script in Filipino into Cebuano. I speak my own language, the more colloquial of it particularly but translating, translating simply gives me that moment of mental block. And to think, this script does not even require literary or ancient Cebuano vocabulary. It simply asks of those everyday Hi-Hello terms.

I had some answers in mind, but I attempted on getting a second opinion, or a third. Expectedly of course, that created a bigger commotion and more words on tips of tongues.

Oh well, translation is hard. Finding the appropriate words is one challenge, putting every one of them in the right context is another, and arranging them in the correct sentence pattern is another! Whew! Now that’s why people would rather believe in love as the universal language! I have to say this familiar expression…here comes my Haha again. 😀

Ako ay tao. – Tawo ko. – I am human. The “ako” and “ko” in Filipino and Cebuano there respectively are the equivalent of “I”. See? See? See?


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