Posted by: annpeace | March 2, 2009

Autograph Signing

It turns out that being a fan could be a science, an art, a challenge. Blame it on the piles of reads about autographs that I have to digest to come up with a complete article that will help sports fanatics how to master detecting a fake autograph; that is why I am learning the ways of a fan. How essential is learning it? Let’s put it this way – the most expensive autograph (though not related to sports as how I started) is worth five million US dollars as of 2008. Guess whose signature is it? A clue…you should know him.

You could just imagine, there is actually a huge population of people out there who would dedicate their lives in buying stuff with these so-called valuable signatures. That’s one way eBay earns its money.

Which leads me back to why the fuss about detecting a fake autograph. According to some articles on the web, millions, if not billions, of dollars are considered as loss in the sports collectible industry because of faked signatures. The FBI came up with Operation Bullpen to solve this problem that became worse during the height of Michael Jordan’s career.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s kind of amazing and surprising to know what kinds of business some other people get their selves into. But this is not a prejudgment on enthusiasts though…we all have addictions at some point anyway. Then again…a million dollar for a signature? At least drugs could make you fly (PG 13?). I could only ask why am I even fighting for survival.



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  2. Exactly. People become fans for a reason that goes beyond common sense.

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