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One Visayas, Cinema Rehiyon, etc.

It was a day of many firsts for me yesterday, March 8, 2009. I am glad for the opportunities that are coming my way and I realize that it is now happening – the reality of the (re)journey of this native stranger to her home. And I could only thank Diem Judilla, Jurly Maloloy-on, Doreen Sy Maloloy-on, and SineBuano as a whole for that.

First stop: Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) for One Visayas. This was a week-long event held in the effort of bringing together the provinces of the three Central Philippine regions.

There were showcases, performances, and talks about local arts (painting, photography, craftsmanship, film, etc.), culture, and the natural beauty (via videos and photos) of the Visayas. For that day, we were supposed to watch a film at the CICC Plenary Hall. It was Namets, a Negrense film.

I would say that the effort for One Visayas could be notable, but I have to say the event was not as grand as it sounded to me. It could be because it was a Sunday and the last day of the exhibits. And since it was also my first time to be at the CICC (shame on me, I know), I would have to say as well that the renowned “international” convention center was not how I imagined it.

Anyway, I look forward to another One Visayas and I expect it to be more exciting, culture-enriching, and nationalism-encouraging :D. Still, congratulations to the people behind the event. By the way, I know many people who are really good at making excellent miniature buildings. (Trust me, I understand what this is about.)

the One Visayas tarp

One Visayas Tarp

Second Stop: Parkmall in the North Reclamation Area just across CICC. That’s for the snacks (pabuhi usa ko) and to make use of the “spare” time we had. It was my first time to drop by Parkmall because unfortunately, it is not very accessible for my “ordinariness”, in other words, for public utility jeepneys…hehehe. A good thing about it though, the mall is not as crowded as many more accessible malls in the city. The atmosphere outside is so much different, it makes you remember only the nice places and good times you want to spend in Cebu. Haha!

And I like the Da Vinci’s there too (it was Doreen’s one of the many firsts on that day also). The stools were not as short as the other branches’ and the Italian-inspired (naturally, duh!) interiors were pleasant. I mean, it was like a playhouse having two fake colorful windows (on the walls) which are accentuated by also fake flowers. It was almost reliving my playfulness. And in there we talked about Alberto’s. Ooops!



Third Stop: Kukuk’s Nest for Cinema Rehiyon film showing. Probably one of the best experiences for an aspiring film audience like me. For that, big big thanks to Mr. Publio Briones III and to Ma’am Maria Victoria “Bambi ” Beltran who is considered, to borrow Diem’s words in the post in the SineBuano site, the Muse of Cebuano local indie filmmaking movement.

She hosted the showing of various films from other regions and I was more than glad to have the chance to watch Confessional for the second time (first time was in SM during its Cebu screening). Ma’am, thanks for the lechon and the kangkong!

Mr. Publio Briones III and Ms. Bambi Beltran

Mr. Publio Briones III and Ms. Bambi Beltran

The films that I got to watch were Babaylan starring Ms. Bambi Beltran and her daughter ( the chanting was really cool and quite creepy), Humamai, Ang Pagbalik (weeee! One of my favorites there, it was shot in Argao, beautiful place), My Pet (another favorite, t’was cute animation), Serante Serano, Di Na Lagi Mausab, Niña, Binaliw, Kada Uwan by SineBuano, and more others.

As far as my opinion is concerned, the experience brought me back to a realization that Filipinos are very capable of doing good quality movies – from storyline to production value. But mainstream hinders many more people to reach same realization. And it can be sad that a very few people only get lucky, yes, lucky to have more choices of the films they get to watch. What? What sex and violence are you talking about? (Trust me again. I understand what I am saying. Hehehe…)


Cinema Rehiyon is a non-competition film festival that aims to throw the spotlight on the film communities that are growing rapidly across the nation. (

Long live! Support Filipino. Support Cebuano.

photos by Diem. more in SineBuano site.

There is going to be another film showing! Babaylan by Ruel Antipuesto, Publio Briones III, Christian Linaban, and Ma’am Bambi Beltran. Click here for more.


  1. waaaaa.

  2. How can I support Ann? I am buying local fiction for starters, because it’s available in Ayala or SM National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and Powerbooks. But local (or locally made) films? Where to?

    • ummm…as far as SineBuano is concerned… SineBuano is accepting donations as cash or in kind in terms of books and similar materials on filmmaking, filmmaking equipment, gears, items such as DV tapes, CD/DVDs and et cetera.

      Your aid earns you an honorary SineBuano membership, acknowledgement as a SineBuano Producer in future film projects and a DVD copy of the SineBuano features by your contributions.

      Please contact us through for the details on how you can send in your assistance…


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