Posted by: annpeace | March 20, 2009

Summer Sunshine and Summer Blues


Dive Moalboal – known for its white beaches and wonderful underwater paradise.

Summer is coming! In our setting, you feel summer not only because of the sun hurting your sunscreened face more but also because of Ash Wednesday that officially started the Lenten Season for Catholics, the final exams of the second semester for college students, and the graduation party invitations that you receive. That is also besides the fact that TV networks will have new station IDs – colorful, sunny, festive, happy, and in some way, dramatic and that people simply talk about summer coming.

Last year during such season, I could remember complaining about why I had to wake up early in the weekdays when that summer was supposed to be my last as a student. The next year (which is this year), I would not have something to call “summer vacation” anymore (instead, it would probably be “vacation leave”). That was because I enrolled myself in summer classes.

Now that my summer is minus the classes, I pretend that I am thinking about what are nice places within Cebu to go to for the season. Should it be Badian where the Kawasan Falls is (I’ve been there though)? I actually told a friend to invite me to his place in Badian and I would surely say yes, haha, the brat me again.

How about Malapascua Island in Northern Cebu? That is going to be a long travel from the city but that’s what’s nice about going there, you know you are actually traveling. An officemate suggested Moalboal particularly in Basdako. Ummm…I just went to that Southern town last October, somewhere new would be nice. I also convinced another buddy that he must go to his family’s place in Argao (he said he had not gone there for quite a while) and I’d tag my self along. Hehehe…

Snapping back to reality…I don’t have money, or at least for this moment! Huhuhu…Having realized that, I should be working harder and saving more to taste how salty the sea in Mactan is, how the sparkly the sands in Sumilon are, or how bumpy the roads in Daanbantayan have become this year. Alright, now this one’s for real, wake me up!



  1. “Snapping back to reality…I don’t have money, or at least for this moment! Huhuhu… ”

    And reality snaps and bites… Got to do some savings myself.

  2. Malapascua… 🙂 my friend told me that this place is the new boracay, ambiance + white sand (paradise). Hope I can go there before it becomes too commercialize like boracay.

  3. @et: reality can do worse than that (but i’m not bitter here, k..hehe)

    @metalpig: yeah, Malapascua has powdery white sands that glitter under the sun. And blue waters that sparkle too… 🙂 add to that affordable resorts to choose from (that’s as far as my last visit there is concerned; my relatives nearby said that you could also rent some rooms by the neighborhood). i also hope you can go there…

  4. Insha’allah!*

    *means – God willing! 🙂

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