Posted by: annpeace | March 26, 2009

Script Supervising for SineBuano

This weekend I am going to be Script Supervisor for a new short film collaboration between Ryan Zarra, a film student of IAFT (International Academy of Film and Television), and SineBuano, Cebu independent filmmaking group.

This is going to be a second [script supervising job] time for me, but I am kind of paranoid still about doing my duties [well].  The first time was not a sufficient experience and I’ve never really seen somebody else script supervising.

Based on what our Creative Director told me, I would have to keep everything in schedule in the form of a daily log but that’s just one of the main duties. Based on my research though, life’s more complicated than that. On that note, allow me to freak out…waaaah!

In my first time as Continuity Supervisor, that’s the other name, I only did “log” the duration for every scene taken whether they were “bad”, “ok”, or “good” takes as judged by the Director no less. I did talk to the cast and answered them when they would ask who would be in for the next take (though I kind of screwed on this part since I got a little shy to the actors whom I only met on the first day of the shoot). I did fix some few things that had to do with props and costumes.  Other than those essentials, I could not remember what else I did as supposed to be done by a script girl (I am glad this term is not that much used anymore…sounds rather not-so-good to me).  In my first time as that girl, I did not have the initiative to read or study about my role, so I sort of relied only on what the director asked me to do.

Since I knew the director anyway, that was not very hard.  With this new film, I am kind of anxious and excited because I would be working not only with the SineBuano group but also with film students who would surely know more about the technicalities which may be too difficult for me to handle.

Anyway, in a read from the web by Julie Robinson, she wrote, “The first week [of script supervising] was sheer hell”, so I expect it would be for me but I am not really sure if expecting should make me feel better. She added, “After five years I thought I knew everything there was to know about script supervising.When I reached my tenth year, I realized that only then did I know what makes a good script supervisor.”

I look forward to that learning then. Ten years would just pass by swiftly when you are having a good time learning new things.

So much about me, the film is going to be shot in both Cebuano and English languages. Much as I want to share I guess I still am not yet in the position for that. For more, keep yourself posted about this project on the SineBuano site.



  1. Suportaan ta ka, Ann. (Ayaw lang nang kwarta, kay nihit kaayo.)

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