Posted by: annpeace | May 6, 2009


Kung bored ka, may magawa pero ayaw gawin, mag-mugna ka. Wahehehe… Mugna, is of course, not the SineBuano’s upcoming project. Mugna is a Cebuano word that means to create, can be in artistic means.  If used as a noun, mugna can also mean a figment of imagination.

Right before I opened my eyes to wake, I caught a glimpse of the rain on the tin roof.  It first felt like real but felt like a dream when I finally woke.  Then, saw it was real after all.

Mom cussed.  She often sees the rain as a curse, and I don’t wonder anymore.  The sight of the laundry could make anyone curse during whatever season – piles of baby’s diapers turning yellow, my father’s favorite denim pants that he never tires wearing unless mom threatens him she will never wash them again, the bed sheet that has become literally dirty white…

But Dad, he seemed very happy.  He is always sure that the rain is a blessing, much more on this special day, his birthday.  And my young siblings celebrate with him, not the birthday but the coming of the rain, “rain rain, come today, little children want to play.”

I smile my usual dead smile.  All I know is the rain falls when it is getting too heavy to bear.



  1. Pagkaanindot niini nga pahina! Dinhi nato masabwag ug mapasanay ang tanan natong nahibaloan kabahin sa atong pinulongan, karaang sinuwatan ug ang kasaysayan nga magpamatuod sa atong kaliwatan. Kadaghanan sa atong kabatan-onan karon wala na gayud masayud.. kung kinsa kita? Nalimtan na ang atong pagkaMALAYO(MALAY RACE). Ilabi na nga giilisan sa mga Katsila ang atong “Malay Name” sa ilang apelyedong kinatsila..

    • sir, daghan salamat sa pagbisita ning yanong pahina ug paggahin og panahon sa pagbasa ning mga sinulat. 😉

  2. Ann, magpasalamat ang mga Sugboanon nga namugna kining pahinaHA. Dinhi nato tipontiponon ang mga kaniadtong mga panghitabo nga atong napupu nga angayang tagboon sa atong mga binantayong hunahuna aron maumol ang maanindot nga kasaysayan sa atong pinalanggang SUGBO. Atong UGKATON, TUKBILON, UMOLON, SIBOON, TUKMAON, .. ..

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