Posted by: annpeace | June 7, 2009

SineBuano’s “Half Year”

I am overwhelmed by what we have discussed in SineBuano today and it made me realize that it is already the half of the year – we had been busy and we will be busy. So might as well give an update of what we have been into for the past months, and what may take place in the next.

In the entry about SineBuano’s New Year, I said that the group is looking forward to a hectic year.  True to the promise, we spent our weekend meetings for tutorials/seminars about basics in producing and independent film, cinematography, directing, screenplay writing, acting, etc.

Acting Session

In February the group was invited as one of the judges for the ABET Awards at the University of San Jose-Recoletos.  I believe it gave us the idea, the senior members most especially, of what kind of [potential] filmmakers there are in Cebu or Cebu schools.

Along with other SineBuano members, I also attended the One Visayas and the showcasing of Visayas and Cebu independent films at Kukuk’s Nest in March.

Still last March, we had film collaboration with IAFT student Ryan Zarra. Script supervising for SineBuano’s and Ryan Zarra’s Dong was a learning experience, introducing me to the real role of a script and continuity supervisor.

the Dong board

Zarra and SineBuano Collaboration: Dong

Just today, we viewed Dong and the feeling was ecstatic.  “Dong” is not the first film where I became part of under SineBuano but it was the first finished film, so, watching the fruit of our labor of love, priceless!  Now I understand what Diem meant when he said the feeling of a filmmaker is like being a father watching his child grow.  Honestly, I thought he was just being dramatic. Hehehe…

The group was also invited in Dumaguete for a short talk on indie filmmaking and another invitation to view independent films – Sugboanong Lilas – at the University of San Carlos CAFA Theater.  Much as I want to say something about it, I did not go to the event since I have already watched the films which were to be shown at Sugboanong Lilas.  There is going to be a repeat for this in July.

We are shooting a short during this month too.  I am just not sure if I am allowed to tell about it for now, so, zip!

I look forward to August!  Mass Communication students requested SineBuano to hold a seminar/workshop about producing an independent film! I must say, one of the best things in life is sharing, much more sharing something good.

There are other possible film collaborations in the following months, but so far, no formalities have been made so zip zip zip again.  But there is one proposal made by Mr. Ron Henri Tan today that made me so thrilled big time.  But I’d like to keep that a secret.  As a teaser, it has something to do with one of my life’s purpose – not that it’s about me though. Haha…

Mr. Ron Henri Tan, by the way, has joined the SineBuano independent filmmaking group. In case you do not know, he had been working as Production Designer, his filmography include Panaghoy sa Suba, Tuhog, Double Blast to mention a few.

Congratulations to Ms. Eleanor Valeros! She wrote and directed the latest SineBuano short, SHY, which we viewed today.  It was really cool and it is going to be posted on the site soon –

Note: This is just as far as 2009 is concerned.



  1. and glad to see you back 😛

    • yeah! i’m always happy to be back too; and be virtually present when i’m not around.

  2. weeeeeeeeee!! yays! congrats to Sinebuano!

  3. Wow, you’re into film pala. Ang galing naman.

    Congratulations to SineBuano. I’m glad that more and more young people in Cebu are getting into film production. Good luck ha.

    Now I’m off to 😉

    • learning to be in film that is. 😉 that is one of the ways i believe i could do something about Cebuano and Filipino arts and culture.. er, so help me God.

  4. yay! congrats sa tanang nagdumala og nagpaluyo sa SineBuano! 🙂
    oi… congrats pod ann!

    • in behalf of SineBuano, salamat nad!

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