Posted by: annpeace | July 3, 2009

Drawings of Hope

asdI finally got my drawings I bought from Nonon and Dan for the benefit of Pens of Hope.  I am proud of my self for having bought my first ever piece of artwork for Php75 from artists for a cause – that’s three reasons in one! So yes, you could say now that it is easy to make me happy.

What did I do with them? I bought a frame for a piece (for now I could not afford frames for each of them…huhu) which I am giving as a gift for my friend who also aspires to be an artist, well he is an artist by occupation.

The two other pieces I will be keeping safe while waiting for probably the next payday. Whew, the beauty of making ends meet.  I am also giving them to two other artist friends.

I would like to send a message that they do not quit on their passion in painting and drawing despite that times are tough and paint is expensive and despite that Illustrator makes them lazy. Or at least, they continue on their passion and life whenever there is a chance.

Going back, I would like to congratulate all those who took part in raising funds for Pens of Hope in whatever ways they could!  Dan and Nonon said that their support for this project goes on and that they already have sent what have come up from their efforts to the public schools of Northern Samar.  Congratulations, more power, and cheers!

Angel of the Drowned

Angel of the Drowned



  1. hi anne,

    thank you for the support, you might be pleased to know that the pens and pencils and sharpeneners that we sent arrived to miss n already

    i just noticed that, both artworks that you posted hav the ark, did you conciously pick those with that in mind?

  2. matayng buanga sorry giininglesan tikaw ha hehehhe

    • hahaha! sige lang kay naa unya ta’y language differences, so naa ra excuse.

  3. Nice post Ann…^_^…tell your friends to pursue their passion…although it will be hard at first kay lisod man gud especially sa financial nga aspect kay mahal ang mga materials…pero they can do what Dan and I are doing…we are sharing with each other our art materials…hehehe

    Salamat kaayo sa pag support…^_^…next time na pud…we are having another art for charity project this coming September…we’ll keep you posted…^_^

  4. Together let’s light a candle and not curse the darkness…or we can do both. 😀 bitaw, it is an honor and a pleasure to be part of generous endeavors such as yours Dan and Nonon, and Miss N the mover of this, and more. These are but little things that I can do… but I believe we are all beneficiaries to this project: we give them joy & hope and they give inspiration & more meaning of our existence (vice versa is applicable). Thanks for the update! That’s really good news…

    @ Dan, yes, I did notice the arks but I did not really consciously choose them together. I wouldn’t attempt lang to tell you why I chose them kay wa kahibaw sa art jargons 😉

    @Nonon: Good idea, pwede nako sila ingnon about sharing materials. Pero lahi2x man sila’g medium… anyway, They will find ways for sure!

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