Posted by: annpeace | August 15, 2009

Field trip!

When my sister and my mom talked about my young nephew’s upcoming field trip, I found myself so excited. Without second thoughts I expressed to my sister my interest in coming along and she delightfully agreed quickly assigning me to “snacks” or the baon.

I’ve always had this love for simple travel, and the term “field trip” always has this different sound to my ear. For me, “field trip” is a kindergarten thing (since in high school, we called it “Educational Tour”). The short story…

When I was in kindergarten myself, the class was set for an educational tour – we would visit the Cebu Zoo, Taoist Temple , the Mactan International Airport , etc (almost the same stops for my nephew’s approaching trip). As the day of our trip was fast coming, my cousin who was my age and attended the same school got admitted to the hospital for dengue. I told him it was too sad that he could not go with us for the tour, perhaps thinking he’d be sick for a long time.

Eventually though, he got well soon enough and we were all glad. Only to realize I was next. I did not get to join our field trip and spent my time at the hospital instead, and was not even allowed to eat my favorite peanut butter to ease the disappointment.

That was probably one of the saddest memories I had as a child though looking back at it now, it doesn’t seem to be a very sad event. Or maybe, there is still that longing to be part of the class touring around the city (or cities). Well, I could remember I was rather envious that they got inside a plane and got to see crocodiles for real!

And though I have ridden planes and seen crocodiles, I still want to go “field tripping” anyway. I just hope we wouldn’t be on that infamous Kaoshiung Bus (those old “models” I mean).

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