Posted by: annpeace | March 12, 2010

First Summer 2010 Trip: Argao

My first taste of Summer 2010 was spent in Argao. I have to admit, I kind of underestimated the place. It’s just that I had been there numerous times since I was younger and I did not have much nice travel experience there. But my last weekend’s travel in this southern town was super fun, and inexpensive at that.

First stop was Riverstone Castle. It is quite popular in Argao with its unique (even sort of off) mix of being a resort, a medieval castle, and a zoo. But Riverstone does not have many activities to offer other than swimming and picture taking and to spend a whole day in the castle will be too long.

inside the castle

The Riverstone Castle Pool

The next day, we went to Argao Nature Park (unplanned) and had a grand time with only PhP 5.00 as entrance fee per person. A place for nature lovers, it is home of animals like monitor lizards (halo or hawo), rabbits, African love birds, a python, fishes, etc.

Halo or Monitor Water Lizard

We also had boating in the small fish pond, still for PhP 5.00 each; wall climbing at PhP 10.00 per climb (it was my first climb and it felt really good, I want to try that again); and zip-lining for PhP 20.00. And after the mini-adventure and some photo op, we had refreshing fruit shakes and some broas (ladyfingers) for snacks (now, I’m craving!).

Before finally going home, we went straight to the playground just across the Argao Nature Park despite the El Niño-hot summer heat.

Trivia: Argao is famous for tuba (Filipino palm wine), tabliya (native chocolate from cacao), and torta. As tribute to the townsfolk faith, celebration, and livelihood, Argao celebrates the Pitlagong Festival which name is taken from an instrument used in cleaning tuba container. On the other hand, making Argao torta has become a business for many families in the town.




  1. Hi Lady! It’s nice to know that you had a great time in Argao! I’m honored. I’m one of the products of Argao who left the place many many years ago to look for greener pastures. But even though I’m staying miles away (sa Pinas lang din)I always try to go home at the very least, once a year, for the fiesta or for just any reason. Lately, going home has become more often for the simple reason that we’ve got a new Mayor who’s been taking good care of the town, the presence of Mr. Q. (Quirubin Momongan) who’s expertise on IT has contributed a great deal on making our town “Techy”, and that’s important! Am not that “Techy”, really, but I appreciate the technology and try my best to be “In”.

    Go, visit again our place, and suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks again Lady!

    Tita Jojo

  2. Yep, lingaw gyud ang Argao!!!

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