Posted by: annpeace | November 12, 2010

Not so back but with some refresher

This was probably the longest time in my writing life that I had been idle. At times I still scribble my angst in my colorful journal but only because I have the tendency to break down when I start to speak in anger. Haha.. Now that’s a revelation. But anyhow, I am happy to have filled in a page on this site again. Just to let you know that my passion has not yet died down, and I promise not to let it drown.

For the recent months since my new job plus a new “involvement”, I had not been made aware of the new things happening, say like events in Cebu such as the indie film screenings, seminars, workshops although I had been to a few art exhibits, thank you very much.

But I am  made aware of a new environment and the truth inside it. That while I see a lot in my circle who pursue their dream and live their life for sense of nationalism, love for the arts and literature, film, etc. there are also a huge number who just see the world as a place to live life to the fullest…in the sense not rather similar to the persons I am used to being with.

Maybe it is wrong to misjudge them…sometimes I would have the tendency to say that they are wasting their time. And the irony of them all is that while I forward the use of our own language and keeping in touch with our own history, identity, and culture, my new close friend does not want her little girl to speak “Bisaya” and they should speak only English at all times at home. I understand because she is not from Cebu but…

As again, I will share how I commend the elementary curriculum in a place in South Cotabato for it includes “Makabayang Tiboli” to fight cultural forgetfulness among the young. Now that’s nationalism in action.


  1. Yey! new posting…. maayong pagbalik Ann! 🙂

    so, how’s Cotabato? 😛

    • oh hi nad! thanks for such a warm welcome. I didn’t go to Cotabato though. was watching a tv show about the Philippines, that’s how I know about that bit of info. 😀

  2. Greetings!


    Hi, exchange link here and buzz me if you done so that i will link your site too.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards,

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