Posted by: annpeace | February 7, 2011



I never found out that this was how I was going to be inspired for this particular day. I opened an almost forgotten site of mine – then frustrations of my native tongue. I shamefully admit, that i had in fact forgotten my blogspot name and i had to use my above average stalking skills to be reunited with it. And there I found a few of my writings – there were just some random experience, an expression of some emotions i could not fully let out, and whatnot. I enjoyed the read and led me to wondering how I used to write all these stuff. What were my motivations, where was I when I attempted writing the poems, what was I reading? And opened my mind and heart to this writing.

Because what’s happening right now is I had rarely written, needless to say. This site is alone a manifestation of that. Good thing is currently, I am sharing good times of exchanging books with a few friends (friends whom I sort of lost physically in the middle of the journey and in one of the crossroads, I found again). Aside from exchanging books, we had been sharing great times of exchanging poems both in Cebuano and English and then give ideas, interpretations, and well, just amateurly trying, criticism. We steal some idle moments at work or set a good date for such interaction. And this I consider a regular resurrection from everyday coma of being in a job.



  1. What a new way to see a job. A coma. Nyahahaha. Good one! 😀

    • thanks lei, i do find that something appropriate. hehe.. 🙂

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