Posted by: annpeace | February 15, 2011

Amigo the movie

photo taken from the AMigo Facebook page


One of the most remarkable weekends for the past, what, 6 months is watching a film by John Sayles – Amigo (Friend).  I was more than happy to have the chance of getting to the screening especially that the tickets were sold out. I attempted to make reservations only to find out only one schedule was available at that point. Apparently, when I was about to claim my tickets, one of the organizers of the Cebu screening gave me unclaimed complimentary passes so I did not have to pay for  them. I was overwhelmed, I think I overreacted by standing in one corner staring at my passes.  

I am writing this not only to express gratitude, but mainly because the film is indeed worthy to note and also to help the producers in promoting this project. It was an honor to be one of the first few people to watch it.

 Starring Joel Torre, Rio Locsin, Cris Cooper (Capote, Seabiscuit), Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope, Winter’s Bone), DJ Qualls (All About Steve, Road Trip: Beer Pong), Amigo is set in the Philippines during the Philippine-American War in 1900. It focuses on Rafael Dacanay, a cabeza or head of a small village in Luzon. He was loved by his people and somehow managed to give the villagers a good life. Rafael’s brother, on the other hand, was head of the local guerilla group who had forced the surrender of the Spanice civil guards. The rebel leader had given the task of holding the Captain and the Spanish friars captive to Rafael. 

American troops arrive at the barrio to free the Spaniard prisoners and its leader Lieutenant Ike Compton (played by Cooper) is left to ‘protect’ the barrio. With this happening, Rafael is faced in conflict, danger,and even the possibility of death with having to be a friend to the Americans without betraying his fellow Filipinos.

According to Sayles himself, this is one of the first films, if not the first to explore this plot that centers on the Philippine Insurrection. A history that does not come handy both to Filipinos and Americans alike even in books.

While commercial screening is scheduled for July and August in the Philippines and in America respectively, the Amigo is currently on tour in February 2011 with the following dates:

  • 09th ————-Bohol
  • 10th-11th ——-Cebu
  • 12th-13th ——-Davao
  • 15th ————San Beda College Alabang (1PM) / Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP] (5PM)
  • 16th ————ANC Guesting (10AM) /  La Salle screening (T.B.D) / Fully Booked [the fort high-street] (6PM)
  • 17th ————- Holy Angels [Angeles,Pampanga] (T.B.D)
  • 19th-20th ——— Baguio City
  • 21st ————- Bacolod
  • 22nd ————- UP Diliman [University of the Philippines, Film Center] (5:30PM and 8:30PM)

For more information, you can like the page on Facebook or visit:


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