Posted by: annpeace | May 23, 2011

The Carbon Market, Cebu and La Nueva Experience

I have a new thing that makes me happy lately (oh well, sometimes “happy” sounds too deep). It’s rather shallow, you may say, but I guess I just enjoy every little thing that is not so common to me.

Anyway, this is about my semi-regular trip to the (in)famous Carbon Market and La Nueva Supermart for groceries! I enjoy it because of how they often surprise me! (Beware of the overuse of exclamation points, I’m easily overwhelmed..haha!).

You see, the generation of yuppies in Cebu are too used of impractical extravagant living. While that looks enjoyable too, I know better. For more than a year now of being an additional “entity” of Cebu Asiatown IT Park, I am so looking for something light in the pocket. So in exchange of a few luxuries in the workplace vicinity are the cheap finds at Carbon. I’ve always wanted to do this but there were a lot of chances before that the only extra I’ve got are Sodexho Gift Certificates which are only accepted in selected outlets of food stalls, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. that expectedly offer their goods and stuff at higher price.

Cold cash are prioritized for some more important expenses. Sometimes it is funny how basic needs such as food become less priority in Philippine situation. You can blame it in poverty but you can also blame it on commercialism and social fad.

Besides, my parents would also be a million times happier when brought to Carbon for PhP 30/kilo worth of eggplants and ampalaya, PhP 20/kilo squash; around PhP 40 for carrots and potatoes and a lot more. Now, that’s what I call purchasing POWER!

Usually, after the Cebu Carbon Market, we go to La Nueva Supermart for the canned goods, soap, detergent, snacks, and yes, more for less. (This is an unpaid advertisement ;). )

So yeah, like a thousand pesos worth of good two-week healthy, hearty, home made, gastronomic meals. Wohoo! And all I need is a Lock&Lock airtight, reheatable container and I’m having lunch food at the office. Now, that’s vintage but one of the wisest things a not-so-good-spender like me could do.

Now I can’t wait to grab my EcoBag again for the next wet market shopping!


  1. ahahaha. i get excited too when i am in carbon. nothing beats buying cheap vegies and fruits in the chaotic yet fun day at carbon. ahhhhh ~sniff those were the days.

  2. i know! like you don’t feel cheated? Hahaha! A place of no bar codes and digital weighing scales, no .95 price tags that you don’t get a change for.

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