Posted by: annpeace | May 24, 2011

I returned to Malapascua Island, Cebu

And just like Douglas MacArthur’s return to the Philippines, I arrived in Malapascua Island on a low tide. Hmmm… We were just presuming actually that MacArthur did arrive on a low tide since like us, he had to get down from the ship not on the shore itself. Historians, please do correct me on this, hehehe…

We were welcomed by a rainbow, something I call a sign of a beautiful experience.

There’s a saying in the vernacular, “Uwan init, pista’s langit” (Rain and sunshine, there’s a feast in heaven). Children would chant this when it’s both sunny and drizzly at the same time because it is when a rainbow appears. So, I blurted out, it’s heaven’s feast day! It so happened that it was Maya’s feast day too. In fact, prior to that I already had an adventurous day in Maya, Daanbantayan, Cebu – my Pa’s home, the barangay across Malapascua. Since the neighboring island paradise is just a 40-min boat ride away, I took no chance.


Maya Adventure

The road always taken. We almost got lost in here. Haha!

The bench we so love. It's a giant bench!

This beach is open to the public without any fee. So you see, there are still good things in life that are free. (Rhymes not intended.)


Going back to Malapascua Island, as of this writing, the boat tickets are at PhP 80.00 per person. When the tide is low you’d have to pay another PhP20.00 for a smaller boat to reach the bigger boat that would bring you to the destination.

This is the smaller boat used when tide is lower. Additional PhP 20.00 for every person when needed.

Accommodation rates would start from PhP 500.00 and will vary when you are by the beach side. Resort foods can be pricey so you can just stroll outside resort premises for local eateries (carenderia) and restaurants that offer international cuisine. One popular place is Ging-ging’s for their affordable prices.

Clear blue waters...

Sparkly white sand

The foreign friends of Malapascua Island



  1. lovely place! 😛
    hope someday, makalaag ko sa paradise island called Malapascua…. 🙂

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