Posted by: annpeace | June 15, 2011

The Tips to How and the Ways to What

The web writing syndrome?

Few years ago, when you were a very ordinary grade school or high school girl or boy and who was ignorant about the internet, you only thought about it as a tool for research, a resource for academic or scholarly information. It was as intimidating as the library or as grand as a hard bound encyclopedia. It was a luxury to access it; it would take your how many days’ allowance.

Now I wouldn’t have to spell out how the case is different now.
Anyway, more than surprising me, the web amuses me very much. How you would run your life is now “researchable”.

How to be a good parent, how to start a publication business, how to earn online, how to practice study habits especially in calculus and algebra, how to follow your religion, how to keep up a conversation with your crush, how to make your food taste like food, how to get rid of your philandering husband, how to know if your girl is still in love with you, how do you cope from a break up, how to give your child a good bath, how to play the guitar, how to critique a mainstream cliché-plotted romantic film, how to be a good TV audience, how to choose the best drapes that would match your saybrook sage painted wall, how to care for a pet that is not used to the climate at home, how to buy the finest brand of laptop online, how to apply for a job abroad, how to stop researching. For more you can just visit eHow, WikiHow, HowTo, etc.

Then the numbers. Seven ways to start a hobby, applying makeup in four easy steps, the five effective ways to flatten your abs, sixteen simple ways of coin grading and pricing, the ten things you should know about toilet seats and chopping boards, three tips for healthy living, two reasons why L-carnitine is good for you and a thousand reasons why it is bad, the one thousand and one best ways to be happy and optimistic during recession.

What is the No. 1 reality TV show today, what is the in fashion for autumn, what is the most expensive baby pacifier made of, what is Lady Gaga’s real hair color, what does “www” mean, what does it imply when she smiles back at you though she doesn’t know that you exist, what are the secrets to perfect tan lines, what are the steps to good governance less the casualties.

Getting to know (or stalking) a person is way way much easier. You would just have to type his/her name and be hopeful he/she uses his/her real name on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Multiply, LinkedIn, or on blog sites. But you would have to make sure though that the name is not Michelle, Mae, Christine or James, John, Peter, Christian with family names Cruz, Santos, Castro, Reyes, Perez, Sy, Tan or Go. Nothing against these names, of course but you probably know these are few of the very common names out there.

Identity crisis? Take the personality test online for free! Just type your email address to receive weekly newsletters & horoscopes. Man, it seems that you would just have to google to answer life’s biggest (and stupidest) questions. And hey, did you know that WikiHow can answer your lifelong question of How to Stop Talking to Your Self?

This blog was created when I was still writing for web as a profession. When I had to make use of keywords and top searches on Google as bases for my articles for certain websites (Search Engine Optimization).



  1. ahh. annie never fails to deliver! great funny post you got here! 🙂

  2. so Anne, taud2x na gyud diay ka nakahibalo kung unsa’y meaning sa SEO noh? 😛

    … and oh, it feels good reading your stuff again.. =)

  3. thanks Emz! and Hi Nad! good to see you back here too! i wish i had more online days so I could check out all your posts. whew… and thank you for dropping by. appreciate it!

  4. i like to google myself to make sure i’m still a bit anonymous. 🙂

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