Posted by: annpeace | July 6, 2011

Matahum nga Cebu

This  may be a little late since the time this video/music has been released. Back when it first became popular shared posts on Facebook, I did not have much access to the internet and probably was getting busy with my new job.

But nothing’s too late for music, I guess. That’s the power of pieces such as these after all, just like artworks, just like books and other literary pieces – they can last as long and as far as beyond imagination. Their influence will probably never stop (like what the quote for teachers says).

Matahum nga Cebu means Beautiful Cebu, and this song is as beautiful it was giving me goosebumps as I listened.

Words & Music by:
Ian Zafra
Jude Gitamondoc
Insoy Niñal


Produced by:
Jude Gitamondoc

Performed by:
Insoy Niñal
Raki Vega
Cattski Espina
Ian Zafra
Chai Fonacier
Aldwin Rondina
Mary Annchit Maglahus
Cilee Kuizon
Graeme Elmido
Andy Calope

Arrangement, Mixing & Mastering by:
Jad Bantug

Recorded at:
1032 Recording Studios


  1. The music sounds very American. I like the energy and the vocals are pretty good too. I bet that you are very popular as a live band.

  2. hi Ann, musta?

    just droppin’by to check more updates… 😛

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