Posted by: annpeace | April 24, 2012

Kalinaw and Kilat

If I should have a daughter someday, I will name her Kalinaw. So that wherever she goes around the world, she would know where she comes from and she’ll keep her feet on there. And so that maybe, just maybe she would live by her name, in peace with everyone. She will fight for it and never let anyone take it from her.

If I should have a son, someday, I’d like to name him Kilat. So that wherever he goes around the world, he would know where he comes from and he’ll keep his feet on there. And he will be strong and firm, if he has to break his silence, then he must, much like lightning. He will fight for what is right and never tire of doing it.

Identities. They will be identified by their names indeed. I will not name them the names of strangers, the names that even I could not say perfectly especially – their grandparents, or their teachers when they go to school. I will not name them with all consonants until they look like some Wi-Fi encryption key. I will not name them like a TV star, but they will stand out. For what they do, and what they are towards other people, for their goodness, their strength, their love for their names and where they came from.



  1. Nice post !

  2. Nice one Annie! Never fails me make me laugh! 🙂

    • thanks ems for dropping by! in rare times i’m online, i am here in this little site of mine.

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