Posted by: annpeace | July 13, 2012

Writer’s Block and Other Excuses

Well, it can be true, that writer’s block exists. Because you read it everywhere. But I admit, a lazy person like me says it is writer’s block but really, I’m just procrastinating. Too lazy to read, thus no writing comes up. Sometimes too lazy to even get out of bed to get inspired about life brought by the blazing sun. Too lazy to write down about the tap dance happening on top of the roof, one cold rainy night when I was at a “ceiling-less” abode.

It is a lazy generation. In one of the photos shared in Facebook, I read that the children born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s are probably the last children to play outdoors, like backyard outdoors or outside the house outdoors. Well, I am proud I am one of those children. I miss being a child because although I was still lazy back then, I was not lazy enough to play siyatong or patintero. And I loved my public school life back in grade school because it was so challenging and had way less restrictions.

And paradoxically, while we are lazy to do a lot of things, we do “fun run”. Or they do. I don’t because I don’t have much experience in running. I easily run out of breath which should probably mean I should do more running.

I like running though, I really do, but it doesn’t like me that much (that Cebuano joke that says “ganahan ko mag-gitara pero ang gitara di ganahan nako”) because I am lazy to commit to it. Besides, it makes me feel guilty too. I don’t do many chores at home because I am too lazy to do them, then why do I tire myself running. Then again, I still run occasionally as long as I have company because I really want to start from there.

So maybe running in the morning will let me see things again and will inspire me to write about the early morning sun and breeze. The walks to places I’ve never been but I really grew up in may inspire me to write about little discoveries that have been actually there but I never knew. You know what I mean? In the very limited times that I ran, walked and trailed, I’ve found new places. I wish I had taken pictures of those places I am talking about here, but we weren’t bringing a camera and sometimes taking pictures disturbs the sight-seeing. And really, I don’t have a handy camera, so maybe sometime soon.

And of course I like running, or for now the idea of running, because I want to get fit. Haha, getting fit being last on the list, ei?

I also, by the way, got myself a jump rope! You still remember what that is? Recently, I passed by Toby’s Sports and found a transparent rope inside a water bottle. I bought it for a lot of reasons – jumping will add to my attempts at running, it reminded me of childhood, and the rope looked cute. I could make use of that yellow rope from the market used in tying the “duyan” (hammock) or something but nah, where’s the cuteness in there? But my rope does look like some sort of hospital tube though, so sometimes, it does not look that cute too. Good thing is I can change perspectives.

But really now, I am not that lazy anymore when it comes to chores. I like cleaning the toilet and preparing breakfast. I also like doing groceries too. But I work from work and work at home so I don’t have much time to do more than that. So this is about excuses, right?


  1. You never fail to amuse me Annie! XD

    • Hahaha, thanks Emz. my heart bloats with your compliment – i take it as that. 😉

  2. …i’m not lazy. I just want to do it later.

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