Posted by: annpeace | August 13, 2012

Of full names and friendship.

It is not a measure of friendship, but our terms of endearment is calling out using the full name – with the middle name, yes. Is it really not a measure?

Because when you call your friend in such a way – it entails more effort and time – how your vocal chords vibrate more as you speak each syllable in high notes and low notes. When it only takes a few seconds to use the nickname, why take the extra few seconds? Calling me Ann, should be much easier than calling me!

Because when you are saying the full name – you are telling the world, “I know my friend too well that I know something as hidden as a mother’s maiden name.” Who else could know that? Then again, who measures friendship? It is unconditional, last time I heard. There’s simply more to it than names. 😉


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