Posted by: annpeace | October 13, 2012

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest Year 6: Ahhhh, the hope of Pinoy Rock

Filipino bands and musicans gathered in one heck of a pinoy rock overload when Tanduay Rhum kicked off the Rockfest Year 6 in Cebu at the South Road Properties on October 12, 2012. There was just a mix of all kinds of strange feeling when all the bands came out to play. Gooseflesh when Ebe Dancel, Gabby Alipe (Urbandub), Gloc-9, Rico Blanco, Chito Miranda (Parokya ni Edgar), Jay Contreras (Kamikazee), Basti Artadi (Wolfgang), Miggy Chavez (Chicosci), etc. sang live the Tanduay Rockfest theme song Isang Tinig. In its promotional material, Tanduay says there is HOPE FOR ORIGINAL PILIPINO MUSIC.

Tanduay is proving that vision true. The concert started off with Never the Strangers, Typecast, Up Dharma Down – all of them awesome (I would like to say promising but that would sound so amateur and I don’t want to insult their talent), and Up Dharma Down being my favourite among the three.

Rico Blanco was very theatric with all the costume and drum and bugle corp of some sort. Still, I salute the man for his outstanding song writing capability. What can I say? He has been one of the best songwriters in the country. No hiatus for this man it seems!

This is my first time seeing Gloc-9 live also. Well, it was my first to see most of the musicians present for the Tanduay Rockfest but I love Gloc-9 so I was all cheering and screaming despite the passivity of the girls beside me. I am not sure what they were there for really.

My most favourite part of the night was when Wolfgang started to sing. Awwwww…I felt I was 10 or so again. I don’t claim to be diehard fan of the band, but I know them. I grew up listening to Pinoy Rock because when I woke up preparing for school then, my older brother would turn on the karaoke box (that big box they used to call sing-along that plays cassette tapes and the AM and FM radio) and tune in to 99.5 RT. I would still recall the popular DJ Ka Pedro greetings every morning and even remember when he was announcing that 99.5 RT will not be solely for Pinoy Rock anymore and instead will be catering more on the more “popular” music. It started…Pinoy Rock and even Visayan rock slowly left the airwaves and what took over were novelty songs and disco music.

So yes, it was only about 15 years later that I had finally listened to Wolfgang again, and The Youth too who were also part of the event – this time, not over the radio but live! And of course, other Filipino bands were there too, those mentioned in the first part of this blog.

Oh and one thing I was sad about too, Dong Abay will be in Davao next week for the Mindanao leg of the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012. I am kind of hopeful that in the next year, he will be in Cebu for the 7th year of the rockfest.

To say it was a rock overload was an understatement. It was an overload of great Filipino music which are not very accessible anymore. They are works of literature and it was an honor to hear both old and new songs from Pinoy musicians who turn out to have never stopped despite the state of our music industry. It is true, the music will find its audience not necessarily its producers or its distributors. Ah, the Filipino masses simply deserve to hear what Filipino music is about.


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