Posted by: annpeace | January 18, 2013

2013 it is.

It is 2013 and this is my first entry for the year. There is nothing big to say. You see, the past year was horrible. I do not choose to divulge why, but really, it was the most difficult obstacle I’ve ever had to face in my life. Before the year ended though, there was light to the tunnel and it was enough to ignite the “positivity” I have for this year.

Do I have resolutions?

I’m afraid, no. Thing is, I think I am not ready at all to commit to resolutions. First, I said I would possibly start the entire month avoiding lechon (roasted pig) and other fatty food. This is such a huge sacrifice because lechon has become more accessible lately, urgh!And they come in different sizes and forms now – spicy, just the belly, boneless, sisig, value meal, barkada meal, 1/8 kilo, etc. I am supposed to be true to the promise though because I think my unhealthy eating is starting to pay off. Scary, huh?

But, I knew at the back of my mind this was not possible. And I want to be realistic (my partner in crime would put it as pessimistic more than anything). Allow me to procrastinate on that. Give me until the results of my 2D Echo, that’s about this week.

Anyway, til this day I have not come up with definite resolutions yet. I don’t have the confidence to really write anything down. I think I am quite comfortable with being lazy, or being occasionally apathetic. Shame on me, I know. But I do have other plans. Some of them quite vague.

By half of this year, I should be finish with a children’s book in collaboration with Floyd. That is one thing. That is the most exciting thing I have in mind! It will be written in Cebuano and possibly with English translations.

I’d probably have a new career too, but who knows. The surest is, by that time, my brother is done with his review classes and is going to take the board exams so, I have more freedom! Hopefully, financial freedom too. I told him, whether he passes or not, he should start earning for himself. And he assured me he would pass. To be fair, he has been reviewing so hard despite the challenges on lighting. Way to go!

I was thinking of studying again, to finally pursue my passion for education. But. Financial freedom will conflict with that, so my little big dream, stay right there.

And I am not marrying yet. I have to bring that up because at 25 (wow, a revelation!), many of my friends are already settling down and tying the knot. Whew, I feel so young, immature, childlike…eager to lessen the responsibilities on my shoulders. C’mon. I should rest, you see. The paradox – if you would notice. How could someone feeling so young and immature actually have huge responsibilities? Well, I call that my birthright. I have been my family’s messiah without any blasphemy intended (and that is without blasphemy intended).

The year that was. Heavy, my hands got loaded with things beyond my league. But ha! The world did not end on December 21, 2012 so I am ready to get rid of the load.


  1. Happy New Year Ann!… Pit Senyor! 😛
    and oh.. good luck on your new project… =)

    • Happy New Year Nad! been a while! hehe… thank you. good luck jud!

  2. Sobrang busy.. Ann, ayaw palabi og padato oii… 😛

    • di pa ni palabi kay wa pa man ko nadatu. hahahaa!

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