Posted by: annpeace | May 14, 2013

VisPop: The 1st Visayan Pop Music Festival, finally!

VisPop: The 1st Visayan Pop Music Festival

I am back again (I am saying “back again” because I always say “I’m back”)with the best news of the year, it’s the rise of new Visayan music! I’m going to watch this by hook or by crook!

The first time I have heard of the Visayan Pop Music Festival, I got so excited. I mean, if you have been reading my blogs in the past years, you know that I always get excited so easily. Haha! Especially about Cebuano music, art exhibits, films, etc. as highlighted in my last year’s Gabii sa Kabilin entry.

I know I have been so delinquent by not posting about my recent trips to the Binisaya Film Fest and Singkwento among others. I deeply apologize, work is such a bother to my Don’t English Me life. Of all things, this is probably my favorite thing but I have to work, so.

But really now, just about last month I failed a job interview because of my “interest in Cebuano language” even with my qualifications. It was unbelievable that it was a deciding factor. I was devastated but seeing this, hearing Visayan music again makes me feel proud and happy, I know I was not wrong in telling them that my language is beautiful.

I have been a supporter of anything Cebuano or Visayan. And I could say my best contribution to that is this blog site and more. So screw the racist and the colonials of this country, listen to these songs and you will know what I mean.

Oh, so let me paste a link for one of the songs and the playlist will go on. For more information, you might want to visit Artist Ko’s page or find them on Facebook.



  1. omg, i am so excited about it too! you are not the only one. i also am very interested with the cebuano language that i even bought that very big cebuano-english dictionary from freeman. Makaguol lang gyud nga grabe kaayo ang colontial mentality sa madlang peeps. pagkahibaw nako kabahin anang visaya pop, lami kaayo paliton tanang album para maipakita nako akong suporta. ang uban tawo di kasabot nganong interesado kaayo ko nga ingles man ang mas gamit. motherfuckers. i was looking for more articles about the rise of cebuano pop thats why i came across your bloggie.

    • ahaha! it’s nice to know nga karelate ka sa feeling nga ang ubang taw di kasabot.

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