Posted by: annpeace | September 2, 2013

Gifted Child

DSC_0260So one day, I said with dreamy eyes. If or when someday we will have children, they will become artists and writers at the same time. And musicians and mathematicians at once. They will become better versions of ourselves, they will achieve what we have failed to do. The prodigies that will change the world. And just as I said that, I realized there was something wrong. “Erase, erase…let them be who they are or they will to become. Let them discover what they really are here for and unburden them from the loads of tomorrow” Bo Sanchez had once shared that parents are mostly the source of a child’s insecurities and less self-worth. It is parents who always make a child feel he/she will never be enough.

Maybe because parents are too frustrated with their shortcomings and imperfections, they simply want their child to be what they have not become. In most cases, it is simply to redeem themselves from their failures.

Let a child what he/she wants to be. Even if he does not show signs of talent or intelligence, there is always something special in that child – maybe his sensitivity, her smile, his charm, her affection, his humor, her wit, or whatever. As parents, you should be the first one to know really. And you will probably know better if you move away from watching the baby formula commercials/ads


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