Posted by: annpeace | March 9, 2014

A tribute to the decade ago a.k.a High School (Part I)

What a revelation. Just because it’s March.

Anyway, so yes. You know you are old when you write a big throwback article like this. It was about a decade ago when we said goodbye to what they say as the best years of youth – high school. I maybe not normal, I don’t share the same feeling. Still, it is good to recall those good not-so-old years. 

The diary.

ImageSome people call it a journal now, and some more call it a blog. But back then, high school girls keep our rantings and writings in secret. Today, all the world have to know by Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, and whatnot. Back then, there was that small hardback book with a lock and no one should ever have access to it because the little book might unlock the puzzle of the codenamed crushes. 

And speaking of crushes – when I was in high school, there were a lot of schoolmates and classmates who like to write rhymes about their unrequited puppy love and have them published on the school paper. And despite the long turnaround time, they are happy seeing their cheesy little works in circulation hoping “he/she” gets to read them and realises the “poem” was for “him/her”. Why am I even using the third person’s point of view – I’ve done it once or twice. 

And speaking of writing – some few experimental ones pen their masterpieces on the “Girls’ C.R.” cubicles. I assume it was the same for the “Boys’ C.R.” I mean, why else would the APSA Office consider it as a grave offense if it never happened there.


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