This blog was formerly named the Written Voice taken from a column title in a university publication where I used to be part of.  It is still the name of my other blogs on Multiply and Friendster. Unfortunately, the name Written Voice is a very common concept and I am not very much the kind who wants to be just one of the many.

So to give more definite identity (redundancy intended) to this blog plus the aim of preserving a Cebuano spirit… I named this Don’t English Me, I’m Not School, a vintage joke of an equally vintage friend (hehehe… I hope he does not read this). With a tagline: TH Cebuana, Feeling Englisera, the Journey of the Native Stranger. TH means “trying hard”.

Please just note that I do not mean to be racist here.  The story of the coining of such title is explained later in this introduction.


Despite my being a real BisDak (Bisayang Dako or truly Bisaya), I am not very familiar with many things about my home, so this blog will somehow be a chronicler of the (re)journey towards getting to know my home better.

The mix of Cebuano and English, at times Filipino, languages in entries or in a single entry very much depicts the blog title if I may say.  The title also reflects that Cebuanos are almost natural polyglots but are not really masters in their own language.  I would like to believe, however, that the language is finding its way back to the the tongues of the new generation.

But Don’t English Me will not be limited to Cebu stuff but of a Cebu talent (ehem…that’s either ego or a daydream talking).  It will be a collection of expressions, ideas, and write ups of different sorts of things as my entries would depend almost entirely on my mood and at times from my reads, conversations, and other day to day experiences including during the self-imposed breaks at work.

And before you leave, a comment or two would be very welcome! I would love to hear your suggestions and reactions not limited to violence (as comments are moderated anyway. *wink). Since I have no editor and self-editing is often not very effective, you may also correct the grammatical, typographical, and technical errors, semantics, and syntax…  Let’s share ideas! Rest assured, I would not take it against you if comments turn out harsh but constructive. 😀

Who am I?

I am Annpeace, a lumad (pure and native) Cebuana – ma is from southern Cebu, pa is from northern, and they lived [almost] happily ever after at the heart of the province; I first crossed the sea, imagine that, when I was already 18 years old.  Not coming from a well-off family, I’ve traveled a few places outside Cebu for official purposes, thus, for free.   Ergo in “carabao” English: no free, no travel.  🙂

Why am i Peace or annpeace? Back in high school, it was just a mere nickname. I realized that it is what I always wanted in my life – peace…in my family, in my home, in my life, maybe in the world and the country and definitely, of mind. Excuse the drama.

Contact me

I do not own the map.



  1. I didn’t realise your nick’s Peace, Anna. But anyhow, it sounds good to me. Excellent blog! 😀

  2. I mean in high school. Peace! 🙂

  3. It was Worldpeace to be exact. Sir, I am overwhelmed of your visit here. Thanks! 😀

  4. hi. 🙂

  5. hehe.. hello sir. thanks for droppin by.

  6. Hello… nice nick, we all want peace. Wanna exchanged link?

  7. Hello, Ann… Kumusta… nice blog… your blog has being in my blogroll

  8. hi ann, nice blog!
    me too, i love wordpress… i mean worldpeace! 🙂

  9. Ann…Salamat sa pag post sa among fund raising project…^_^

    see you there…^_^

  10. unsa imong email? emaili ko beh, naa bago fundraising involving photographers 🙂 more info here http://beyondartssake.blogspot.com/2009/07/invitation-to-click.html

  11. Kumusta !!! I just came across this site (not sure just how yet) and i saw something about Glendale AZ ?? I live sooo close to there !! May i know you ?? Salamat !

    • hi there charlie.

      uhm, i’m not really sure something about Glendale AZ, it could be from the feedjit or from other comments on this blog coz i haven’t really written about it. 🙂



  12. Hi Ann,

    It’s great to have come across your blog. Labi na nga I too trace my roots to Daanbantayan. Lumad as in Bisdak sad ko but I was born in Metro Manila raised in Cebu City and now out of the Philippines. Sige pa hinuoon ko ug bisita sa Cebu and I still consider Cebu my home and Daanbantayan as my hometown. 🙂


    ang yanong sugbuanon

  13. Dear Annpeace,

    The MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), through its cultural arm, the Integrated Performing Arts Guild, Inc. (IPAG), with the support of the Committee on Cultural Education of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), has commenced a needs survey among art- and culture-oriented practitioners in the Visayas and Mindanao.

    Survey will assess issues that involve teachers, managers, school administrators, events organizers, human resource managers, practitioners in all creative fields, and culture-related occupations, among others.

    Results of this survey inputs data that will draw a full picture of the cultural needs of our regions with the end, subsequently, of establishing an Institute for Cultural Resource Management and Development (I-CRMD) in our parts.

    The survey will not only assess training, instructional, managerial, and resource-management issues, but will also determine the financial-economic parameters that accompany art- and culture-oriented occupations.

    Note that there are two (2) sections in 6 pages. The first section inquires after professional and organization information and the second on the instructional-training needs of the proponent.

    The researchers will certainly value your frank responses. May we therefore have a few minutes of your time? Daghang Salamat!


  14. nalipay ko nga nkabisita ko ngari. im lumad nag cebuana sad (parents are from bogo), born in manila, grew up in cebu, married to a davaweno, living outside philippines but always proud of where i came from. hehehe…

    hala, sakto na sa ako istorya basta nalipay ko nga napandol ko diring dapita nmo.

    cge go… padayon sa imo gibati… hehehe…

    amping… 🙂

    • hi! I am very pleased to know that you are happy to bump into this site. lahi nga type sa kalipay akong bation nga maka-“ila-ila” og sama nakong sugboanon pud. suroy2x unya balik sa cebu. 😉

  15. hI aNN!

    i like your blog. keep it up, Peace!

  16. hi;, glad i found this, i think i stumbled on your multiply site before, all i could remember was of course your very funny site name.
    off to explore your blog. para makat-on na sab ko ug kinarabao na iningles.:). mas lingaw man.
    maayong gabi-i dinha.

  17. hello annpeace! 🙂 fellow freelancer here. arrived from metalpig’s links….

  18. Friend, I think your traveling story give ideas for planning of my childs’s further trip. Thanks.

  19. never have i enjoyed reading entries in whole blog site! keep it up 😉

  20. ann..mangayo song title sto.niño gugma ko ug daghang salamat o sto.niño kanang naay guitar chord.tnx.

    • Hi! Di pa ko kalugar og pangita, but will post soon. ang chords sa BatoBalani sa Gugma tua pud sa comments section. Salamat!

  21. omg! i wanna join your club. parehas jud ta og gibati only you can express your feelings way better than i do! wa jud koy ka.talent-talent anang writing apan kun naa man, ingon ani sab nga blog akong himoon. samtang gabasa ko sa imong blog, nalipay jud ko nga naa koy kaparehas and you have the talent to express your thoughts unlike me lol taman ra ko yawyaw.

    pasayloa ko sa akong sinuwatan. grabe kaayo makahulam og words sa ingles due to lack of vocabulary 😦 kay kun magamit ko og puro cebuano weird man sya paminawon……. too unnatural. usahay trying hard jud ko magstatus og puro cebuano sa fb (with the help of online dictionary, of course) apan mamalaan tang weirdo! trying hard kaayo ang feeling 😦 why do i even care if everyone around me doesnt even give a damn about our language…. *sigh*

  22. Nindot. Dai.
    Ipadayon ang imong tinguha ug tumong! Mabuhey! este Mabuhay! 🙂

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