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On Field


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I am going to be a published author

That’s too big a promise. I know. But I feel it inside of me. So before I die, or hopefully before this year ends, my Cebuano story book is done. The manuscript is 98% complete and Floyd and I are currently working on the illustrations. It is so hard to choose the character and the feel, and the colors, and the face of the little girl or her grandma. Because…this could be our first and only book, it’s a long shot, and we just want it to be the greatest first book we ever published! 

Haha! So, help me God. 😀

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Gabii sa Kabilin 2013: Tour guiding edition

I am sorry to disappoint you because my promise to go to other sites during the Gabii sa Kabilin 2013 was not fulfilled. But I am definitely not sorry to say though that I had loads of fun and I strongly feel this was one of the most unforgettable and meaningful GSKs I have had.


First RAFI (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.) invited me, and other bloggers and enthusiasts, to a talk called Reporting Heritage for Bloggers just a few weeks before the heritage night. The talk was not only in preparation for GSK but also to form a group that will make accurate and reliable history and heritage information more accessible to people via the internet. It was both inspiring and challenging. I mean, at least for me who is really not into such network of either bloggers or historians so to speak. But I welcome the challenge because in the first place the reason I created this wordpress page is to contribute to finding or reviving the Cebuano identity.

Until today, I could not believe how the development of my journey has grown. I am proud to say that my little contributions are so far paying off. By the way, the brainchild of the talk was the site I urge you to visit the page. It’s old and fresh, how’s that for a mix?

Going back to Gabii sa Kabilin

Waiting for the night was agony. I just got a new job and could not control the schedule changes. The entire week, I prayed hard and fortunately enough I was free after 6pm on Friday so we were off.

The next challenge was it was raining hard and some of those who promised to be with me couldn’t make it. The good part was my friend brought along her new friends who happened to be newcomers to Cebu. They were from Leyte and Iloilo. We even had to speak Tagalog to one another because we did not have any other common local language (since they speak Waray and Hiligaynon respectively).


The trip was so exciting. The buses were so efficient, there were almost no hangups. On that note, we commend the people behind GSK. The logistics has not been this organized, I simply loved the magazine maps if I may call them. And I understood the routes and the color codings so I think that was a major plus. 😛

I was the most “experienced” in the group when it comes to joining the Gabii sa Kabilin so I appointed myself as the night’s tour guide. Haha! Keeping the magazine/map that was handed to us, I made sure we were riding the correct buses, following the right routes and that we could ride the tartanilla before the event would end.


Really now, our visitors (or not really visitors since they are staying for work) simply looked forward to riding the tartanilla so as the self-proclaimed host, I would not want to let them down. Our first stop was the Cebu City Public Library and saw paintings of old and recent Cebu including the railroad that ran from Argao to Danao in the past. By the way, I apologize again for the lack of pictures because my official photographer had to attend an important family event.

We proceeded to the Chu Un Temple were our friends tried the calligraphy writing. They seemed to have enjoyed it so much. We went to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House and the group was awed by the sight and feel of the old residence. The next stop was Casa Gorordo then to the USPF Rizaliana Museum. The Rizaliana Museum, by the way was also a highlight for that night.



The resident guide was generous to share significant information about the USPF collection of Rizal’s belongings. He also said that Josephine Bracken got married to a Cebuano-mestizo (who lived in Carcar, but that is something I could not confirm yet) after Jose Rizal. His name was Vicente Abad. We were in for some treat as we tasted the favourite food of Rizal that included pancit langlang, ayungin (sinigang sa kamiyas) and tinolang manok. The USPF guys prepared them in the way the food were described in Rizal’s books and letters.

berlin g

Noli Me Tangere copy

guide uspf

And finally the most awaited and the frenzied tartanilla ride. Our companions had fun, we could tell from their screams and shrieks. We could almost say they were on a roller coaster. We were laughing so hard with all the commotion we brought on the street.


Our feet got a little tired so we strolled inside Fort San Pedro and loitered. I then took the group to JRG Halad Museum. It was almost 12:00 when we arrived and did not catch the UV Chorale’s show. But we helped ourselves with the drums and the musical instruments anyway. The wonderful part was Ms. Audrey Tomada, the museum’s curator, was so kind to give us just one song from the chorale. We were so happy, it was the best way to end the night. I can’t keep saying thank you to JRG Halad Museum. It was an honor to be an audience of the famed UV Chorale.


I enjoyed being a tour guide, so I’d probably study history harder so I’ll become an efficient guide to whoever decides to join the tartanilla and the bus rides next year. Gabii sa Kabilin 2014, I think I am ready for the longer travels. 🙂

photos by Oh Dreya Darling, Linay, and Floyd

The song Duyog captured the heart of the judges. But really, Duyog simply brought the house down during the 1st Visayan Popular Music Festival (VisPop) held last night, May 18, 2013 at the Benedicto College Artists Hall.

The heartwarming alternative love song is written by Jewel & Joe Edward Villaflores and interpreted by Jewel Villaflores herself. She had an undeniably beautiful voice that went well with the musicality. These are the moments I get dismayed that I don’t have a good singing voice. Anyway I won’t bore you with my review, because I am lousy at it. So, here goes and just be blown away.

On 2nd place was the lullaby Laylay composed by Lourdes Maglinte and interpreted by Chai Fonacier. The 3rd placer was the feel good Balay ni Mayang written by Marianne Dungog & Kyle Wong performed by Martina San Diego & Kyle Wong.

The winners were determined by the board of judges: DTI – Cebu Provincial Director Nelia Navarro; international Cebuana singer Anna Fegi, and singer-songwriter and FILSCAP (Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publisher) board member Gary Granada. With almost each of them, we had photo ops 😉 (pu’ng pa sa kanta, “papictura ko”). We should not fail to mention the presence of the Noel Cabangon, currenty the president of FILSCAP.

I bet the judges had a darn difficult time, all the songs were worth listening and enjoying. All of them had so much heart and of course, Visayan tongue. Euphoric. That being said, also congratulations to the finalists Hinaut (Pat Ninal, sung by Uly Tenchavez), Papictura ko nimu Gwapo (Marie Maureen Salvaleon), and Historias (Alphecca Perpetua).

Sa makausa pa, atong palanogon ang musikang binisaya!!! Bisayaa uy!!!



PS: Due to insistent demand, here’s the Duyog lyrics.

Ikaw ang bahandi
Dugay ko nang gihandom
Ikaw ang bitoon
Sa ngitngit kong baybayon

Ikaw lang akong, akong higugmaon
Ikaw lang, ako, ako matinud-anon

Ikaw akong hangin
Ikaw akong ulan
Ikaw akong langit
Ug ang akong kalibutan

Ikaw lang
Akong akong higugmaon
Ikaw lang ako, ako matinud-anon

Ikaw akong gahapon
Ikaw akong karon
Ikaw akong kanunay, pulong ko tinud-anay

Kasingkasing paminawa
Dinuyogan ning gitara
Wa ka nag-inusara
Kanimo nahigugma


Ikaw ang katam-is
Kalipay nga wa’y sama
Ikaw ba nasayod
Sa likod ning pahiyom

Ikaw lang akong, akong higugmaon
Ikaw lang…ako, ako matinud-anon

Ikaw akong gahapon
Ikaw akong karon
Ikaw akong kanunay
Pulong ko tinud-anay
Kasingkasing paminawa
Dinuyogan ning gitara
Wa ka nag-inusara
Kanimo nahigugma

Tagohala nga gibati
Sa akong kinabuhi
Ikaw lang ang bulawan
Gitipigan sa akong dughan
Mahanaw man ang adlaw
Masubo man ang buwan
Dili ka gyud talikdan
Ug di gyud pasipad-an

Photo credits: Troy Tomarong

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I wish I could get a job that I really want. The cynical part of me says, that as usual, it is not going to be MY choice. It is true around the world, that your passion does not always pay the rent. And in my case, my passion could not pay the rent, the mortgage, the daily bread, and God knows what more.

The positive side of me, says, that I will find the job, that is if I would not have to pay the rent and so on. How’s that positive, even.

So, it’s been just days (and just while I’m typing this line I realized it’s been a week already!) that I have stopped manning the phone. Not because I feel the job is degrading to me. No, no, no. I’d like to emphasize that because I know a lot of elitists in the country feel their jobs are more important than mine, or now my previous job.

While the job is decent (I would like to say “marangal”), I am not for it for a long time. It’s not about the job, it’s about me (how’s that for a breakup line?). What do I really want to do? I want to write a book, I want to be in publishing, I want to be home-based, I want to do marketing on site, on the field, I want to teach, I want to pursue my little entrepreneurial endeavor, I want to volunteer, I want to work in a company of causes (like a foundation or something), sometimes I just want to stay put and relax because it’s just too exhausting making ends meet when I don’t deserve it. All thesee, not very promising to the paycheck. Or maybe I do not know yet.

So, here I am, unemployed yet am not job hunting. What am I thinking? Am I thinking that the job will choose me. Quite honestly, sometimes I feel it would. Like in the middle of my writing stints, oh just writing, someone might call me and say they are looking for me. “We are looking for your passion that we have not seen in anybody before!” “You are our hope!”

In my recent job interview experiences, you see, I realized that a lot of things did not matter. And I could not tell which really mattered to them. That being said, I will be taking my time, until I am ready again to accept the job that I would not love still. But considering I have rested, maybe this will feel better.

Meanwhile, just a few hours writing this, I got a call that I got accepted for a new job. Whew. I’m starting this Monday. Let’s all hope for the better! 🙂

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